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What are the newspapers?

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Because I deal with writing articles as well, I am member of a journalist association. We contact and accept new members on-line. I received an email today with an interesting question.

The Chairman wrote:

The issue of the new wannabe member faces us an important question: What is a newspaper? I would be glad if you’d share your ideas.

Well, hereby I do it. The candidate did not have any article in a printed newspaper — she works for the online media. Thus, the question is: Can we name the workers of the online media as journalist? I think, definitely yes. They are journalist because they do the same as a journalist. They collect data, inform about events, write article. And we read them. What is the difference? Both of the ‘traditional’ and ‘electronic’ journalists use computer for writing articles. Both of them work for the readers.

What is the difference? The product you read? Not, only the presentation medium.

Can we refuse the ‘actor’ title from the TV or movie actors, just because they do not play on stage? Not. So, we can not refuse the the ‘journalist’ title from the ‘electronic’ media-worker.

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2008. 10 04 at 9:07 pm

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